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Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is an internationally known public speaker on the topic of male-female relationships.  Based on over three decades of counseling as well as scientific and biblical research, Dr. Eggerichs and his wife Sarah developed the Love and Respect Conference which they present to live audiences around the country.

This dynamic and life-changing conference is impacting the world, resulting in the healing and restoration of countless relationships.  Dr. Eggerichs has authored several books, including the national bestseller Love & Respect, which is a Platinum and Book of the Year award winner, selling over 1.6 million copies.

Emerson is the Founder and President of Love and Respect Ministries and Sarah serves as Vice President.  Married since 1973, they live in Grand Rapids, MI and have three adult children.

Joy Eggerichs is the Creator and former Director of Love and Respect Now, serving her generation of 18- to 35-year olds with practical relationship insights she has learned from her parents, Dr. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs, founders of Love and Respect Ministries. Through writing and speaking, Joy is bridging the gap between generations and helping her peers think about relationships now, as opposed to 20 years into marriage. In 2013, Joy released The Illumination Project—a 6-week video series filmed in front of a live audience of her peers, and serves as a unique mentoring tool for those who desire to share and seek wisdom in the areas faith, life, and relationships. Joy is a graduate of Westmont College and currently resides in Portland, Oregon, surrounded by many young people who share her love of coffee, biking, and minimal hair washings.


Bob Goff is the New York Times Best-Selling Author of Love Does, as well as an attorney who founded Restore International, a nonprofit human rights organization operating in Uganda, India and Somalia. Bob is a sought after speaker for leadership, church and university events, inspiring current and future influencers to get to the ”do” part of life. Choosing to live audaciously, Bob connects to audiences in a powerfully inspirational, yet down to earth manner.

Bob has pioneered the vision of Restore International to fight for freedom and human rights, working to improve educational opportunities and to be helpful to those in need of a voice and a friend. Restore has worked with Uganda’s judiciary in bringing over 200 cases to trial, as well as pursuing justice, intervention and education for at risk women and children in Uganda, India and Somalia. Restore Leadership Academy in Northern Uganda educates over 300 students with a focus on character and leadership development. Because of Bob’s vision and the work of restore International, he serves as the Hon. Consul for the Republic of Uganda to the United States.

Bob and his wife Maria Goff

Bob and his wife Maria Goff


John Jan and Mark Foreman live in the San Diego area, where Mark is lead pastor of North Coast Calvary Chapel. Mark is the author of Wholly Jesus, and holds advanced degrees in Theology, Education and a Ph.D. in Counseling and Pastoral Care. Jan is a gifted teacher, artist, and she also facilitates partnerships with underprivileged women and children both locally and in developing countries. Together they love surfing, sailing, travel and especially being with their family. (Maybe say... "Their new book,") Never Say No takes you on a personal journey to learn first-hand how they raised (their sons) Jon and Tim of (the band) Switchfoot. They share practical advice for instilling wonder in a media-saturated culture, cultivating specific gifts, and balancing structure with individual choice. Our purpose as parents is the same as our child’s: to live creatively beyond ourselves, bringing the love, beauty and nature of God to this world. Let the adventure begin.  


John Mark Comer is the pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown: A Jesus Church, which is part of a family of churches in Portland, Oregon. It's a city of coffee, food, culture, indie bands, and depressed people--he fits right in.

Prior to planting Bridgetown in 2003, John Mark was the college pastor at a megachurch in Southern Oregon and played in a band. He is the author of Loveology: God, Love, Marriage, Sex and the never-ending story of male and female, and My Name Is Hope: Anxiety, Depression, and Life after Melancholy. He is currently wrapping up a master's degree in biblical and theological studies at Western Seminary.

John Mark lives in Portland with his wife, Tammy, and their three children, Jude, Moses, and Sunday.